sp3™ Inc. is focused on exploiting the
many unique properties of diamond. Its sp3 Diamond Technologies, Inc. subsidiary is a full service provider of diamond deposition equipment, products and services relating to thin-film diamond deposition on cutting tools, wafers and other substrates, while its sp3 Ltd. subsidiary manufactures and processes freestanding diamond.

Originally part of sp3 Inc., sp3 Cutting Tools became a separate, independent company in 2007.

sp3 Diamond Technologies provides diamond-based solutions for research and production to companies worldwide across a broad spectrum of industries. These solutions include electronics thermal management, diamond-on-silicon applications, and enhanced cutting surfaces.

sp3 Diamond Technologies also sells Hot Filament CVD Diamond Deposition Reactors and provides diamond deposition and consulting services. sp3ís corporate offices are co-located with sp3 Diamond Technologiesí main offices and its thin-film diamond deposition facility in Santa Clara, California, USA. sp3's free-standing diamond facility, sp3 Ltd., is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

sp3 Cutting Tools has the broadest offering of diamond coated end mills, drills, and inserts; PCD inserts, milling cartridges, boring cartridges and inserts in the industry, and a deep knowledge of how to apply diamond tools for any requirement. If you machine abrasive materials like silicon aluminum, carbon fiber, graphite or green ceramics, we can help you improve your results. Tight tolerances, better tool life, improved surface finish, ease of setup--sp3 Cutting Tools can help!

sp3 Cutting Tools is located in Decatur, Indiana, USA.