Using DIAbide on Hard-to-Machine Materials

— Green Ceramic —


CVD diamond tools provide a wear life gain of 25x to 100x

over uncoated carbide when machining green ceramic

The abrasive nature of green ceramic severely limits the life of carbide tools, necessitating frequent tool changes. The extended wear life of diamond tools, on the other hand, permits many machining operations to be performed with minimal or no supervision. The very gradual wear of a diamond tool also makes it much easier to maintain workpiece accuracy, thereby minimizing any need for slow and expensive machining after firing. Another advantage of diamond tools is faster machining — speeds can be increased 10 to 20%, and feeds up to 100%.
sp3 offers a 6-page machining guide to help you gain the best results when machining green ceramic with sp3 CVD diamond tools. You can view and print this guide using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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